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What is Venmo?

Venmo is a free digital wallet that allows you to pay and request money from your friends. 

  • Splitting a lunch bill
  • Paying your friend half of a cab fare
  • Sending your roommate your half of the rent
  • Short on cash? Venmo your friend and they can pass you their cash!

Free? Yes. Add your bank or debit card from most banks and your payments are free! If you collect money, you can send it to your bank for free. Seriously, ask your friends if you don't believe us.

Venmo Balance

You can think of your Venmo balance like cash in your wallet that your friends have paid you. Any money living in your Venmo balance can be used immediately to pay other users in Venmo, and can be sent to your bank account. A more detailed explanation of how your Venmo balance works can be found in one of our help articles.

Funding Sources

When setting up your Venmo account, one of the first things you do is decide how you want to pay people, also known as setting your funding source. In Venmo, you can pay people from any of the following:

  1. Your Venmo balance
  2. A credit/debit card (imagine being able to pay a friend directly from your credit card)
  3. A U.S. bank account (think of it like paying someone with a check, but they get the money right away and we handle the check cashing for them)

For more info on how to add funding sources, please see our articles about adding bank accounts and adding cards to your Venmo account.

Paying & Accepting Requests from People

At its core, Venmo provides a social way to pay your friends when you owe them money and don't want to deal with cash. Sending and requesting money to & from your friends is simple in Venmo, and you can even send money to people who don't have Venmo accounts yet by simply paying their phone number or email address (they'll just sign up to accept your payment). More info on how to pay & request funds from friends on Venmo can be found in our help articles.

Transfers to bank

If you have money in your Venmo balance, you can leave it there forever and use it to pay your friends. However, if you need some of the money in your balance sent to your bank account, you can transfer to bank. Transfer to bank is simple once you add a bank account (savings or checking) to your Venmo account. Transfers to bank usually take 1 business day to reach your bank account, but you can learn more about transfer to bank timelines in our help article

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