How do I get information about purchases made through Venmo?


You can view all of your transactions made through Venmo in your Braintree Control Panel.

What information do I receive about users who have made a purchase through Venmo?

Venmo will provide you with the customer’s Venmo user name, which you may then incorporate in your app’s UI. Other user details are not shared.

Who is the merchant of record?

Venmo is the merchant of record for Venmo transactions, but customer statements will show "Venmo * MERCHANTDESCRIPTOR".

How will disbursements work? When will I get paid?

Your disbursement will be included in your regular disbursement schedule with Braintree.

Will Venmo show up on my statement? How do I reconcile?

In the Braintree Control Panel, Venmo will show up as a distinct payment method. In settlements, Venmo will be aggregated with other Discover card transactions.

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