How do I accept Venmo as a payment method?


Right now, Venmo in other apps is in limited release with select merchant partners. Venmo does not support purchases made through unauthorized merchants.

To accept Venmo as a business, you must have a Braintree account. If you’re already a Braintree merchant, contact your account manager. 

Do you have an app?

Right now, Venmo can only be accepted in iOS and Android apps, but stay tuned for more!

What's the integration like?

If you’re upgrading to Braintree’s latest iOS or Android SDKs, go to Braintree’s developer docs for more information. If you’re already on the latest SDKs, the integration is lightweight -- all you’ll have to do is enable the Venmo option on your merchant dashboard and build out the ability to show the Venmo button in your checkout flow.

What are the merchant fees?

Transactions on Venmo leverage Braintree pricing. For more information on pricing, head over to Braintree.

Where can I find developer documentation?

Go to Braintree’s developer docs for the Venmo integration guide. To learn more about what features Venmo offers, head to Venmo's landing page.

How do I contact Venmo/Braintree engineering for support?

For engineering support, contact

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