How does purchasing through Venmo work for my customers?


Who can make purchases through Venmo?

A limited subset of existing Venmo users can make payments to your business through Venmo. As the release progresses, we will be adding users regularly. Contact your Braintree account manager for more information on who can make purchases through Venmo.

Can the user choose to pay with their Venmo balance OR credit card? How will it be decided?

If the user’s balance is sufficient to cover the entire transaction, then the balance is always used first. If the balance is insufficient, then a user's bank account, debit card or credit card transaction will be charged for the entire purchase amount, and no money will be taken out of their balance. Venmo does not offer partial balance-partial payment method transactions.

Will purchases appear in the Venmo feed?

Purchases will appear in the Venmo feed only if your customer chooses to share them.

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