Adding a Bank Account


To add a bank account to your Venmo account from a computer, click here and select "Link Bank Account" then follow the instructions.

If you’re in the app please follow the instructions below:

  1. Tap the "" icon in the upper left hand corner of the app
  2. Tap “Banks & Cards”
  3. Tap “Link Bank Account” and follow the instructions

Depending on your bank, you will be prompted to add your online banking username and password, or you will be prompted to add your bank account and routing number (manually). You will always have the option to add your bank account manually if you prefer by selecting "Other" from the bottom of the bank list.

Please note: when adding your bank account manually, do not enter the check number that appears after your account number. This can cause transfers to fail or be rejected by your bank.

Once you add a bank account, we strongly recommend that you verify it before transferring funds or sending a payment. Venmo is not responsible for lost bank transfers as a result of incorrect bank credentials. For information on how to verify your account, please see our help article.

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