Law Enforcement Inquiries


If you are a member of Law Enforcement seeking records for investigations related to a Venmo user, please visit to submit your request. Our current time to process requests and return records is approximately 10 business days.

Requests submitted through Safety Hub must meet the following legal requirements:

  • Must be addressed to Venmo
  • Must be a typed official document bearing the logo of the requestor
  • Must be signed by an agent or court officer with the authority to issue compulsory orders 

 All requests should also include

  • Requester’s name, department, street address, telephone, email address and fax.
    • As much information about the subject as possible.  We are able to locate accounts with Email address, Venmo User Name,  Merchant display name, Venmo payment ID, Phone Number,  Bank (Routing number and the last four digits of the account number)
  • Exactly what information is required and how it pertains to Venmo and your investigation.

Once logged into the Safety Hub, you will use the “Additional Subject Information” section to add the Venmo Identifiers.

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