Joint Bank Accounts


Venmo does not currently allow two separate users to have the same bank account added to their accounts for security reasons.

The good news is there are a couple of workarounds available to users with a joint bank account:

The easiest way to “share” your joint bank account is to have one user add the bank account to their Venmo account. From there, the other user can send the funds in their Venmo balance over to the user who has the bank account on file by creating a new payment to that user (be sure that the payment matches exactly the amount of the Venmo balance). The bank account “owner” can then transfer the funds to that bank account right away!

Second, with the current owner's consent, the bank account can be completely removed from the that user’s account for you to add. Please have the user email with the bank name, routing number, and last four digits of the bank account authorizing the release of the account. Once the bank account is released in our system, it will be available for another user to add.

Please note: simply deleting the bank from your profile will not free up the bank to be used on another Venmo user's account. At this time the only way to completely release a bank account is to contact our Support Team. Thanks for your patience.

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