Multifactor Authentication


Why do I need to confirm my identity on sign-in?

Have you ever used the same password for Venmo and another app? Hackers can steal your Venmo password from the database of another company. Confirming your identity when signing in from a new device adds an additional layer of security.

How do I confirm my identity?

When you sign in from a device we don’t recognize as yours, a code is sent to the phone number registered with your Venmo account. Entering this code correctly confirms your identity.

Alternately, you may confirm your identity by verifying financial information if you have a bank or card linked to your Venmo account. Please note that this backup option is not available for all users.

After successfully signing in, you may grant Venmo permission to remember the device. You won’t need a code to confirm your identity when signing in from that device in the future. You will still need to enter your password correctly.

Can I control what devices Venmo recognizes as mine?

Yes. In your settings, there is a list of “Remembered Devices” that you can edit.

If you notice a phone that isn’t yours in my Remembered Devices list, we recommend removing any devices that look suspicious. Anyone signing in from that device will need to pass the security code challenge.

We also encourage you to change your password to maximize your security.

More information about Venmo’s security can be found here.

I have the wrong phone number listed on Venmo

Please see this article for instructions on how to update your phone number.

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