What do I do if there's a problem with my purchase?


Why was my purchase declined?

You may not have had enough funds in your account, or we were worried that it was fraudulent activity. Please contact Venmo Support for more information.

I’m not satisfied with my purchase. Who do I contact?

If you’re not satisfied with a purchase you made with Venmo through an authorized partner’s app, please contact the merchant partner first. They should be able to assist further.

If you are not able to come to a solution with the business, please feel free to reach out to Venmo’s support team at support@venmo.com. While we don’t guarantee a refund, we’ll work with you to help you come to a solution.

How long does a refund take?

The timing for a refund depends on the policy of the business you purchased it from.

Do you honor partial refund requests?

Generally, partial refunds are not supported by Venmo, and these types of requests should be completed with the merchant you purchased goods or services from.

Will refunds be credited to my bank account, card, or Venmo balance?

Refunds will be credited to the same payment method that you used for the original purchase. To check what payment method you used for the original purchase, navigate to the “Purchases” section in the Venmo app, and tap on the individual purchase.

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