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Do payments sent to me automatically show up in my bank account?

Nope - whenever you receive a payment from one of your friends, the money is put in your Venmo balance. You need to initiate a bank transfer for the funds to be sent to your bank account. You can do that by tapping the "" icon in the upper left hand corner of the app --> Transfer to Bank.

Find out more about your Venmo balance here.

What is the limit on bank transfers?

If you’ve verified your identity with us, your weekly rolling limit for bank transfers is $19,999 ($3,000 per transfer). Your limit will be set at $2999.99 if you haven’t verified your identity. To learn more about limits, or how to verify your identity, please see this article. As noted in Venmo’s User Agreement, these limits may change from time to time in Venmo’s sole discretion.

Can you rush my bank transfer?

Sorry - there’s not a way for us to expedite that process! Once you initiate the transfer, the funds leave our system and the funds are sent to your bank for processing. For more information about when you can expect to see those funds, please see this article.

Why can’t I transfer money to a card?

At this time we can only send funds to a checking account directly. Although your debit card is linked to a checking account, you’ll want to add the full routing and account number combination to send funds there. This is different than the number printed on your debit card and can usually be found on a check.

For more information about how to add your bank account to your Venmo account, please see this article.

Where is my bank transfer?

Missing your transfer in your bank account? It’s possible your bank could have back-dated the transfer to an unexpected date. We recommend checking your bank statement within a range of two days around the expected date that you were shown when you initiated the transfer. You should see something along the lines of “VENMO-0 CASHOUT”. If you’re still not seeing the funds in your bank account, check out this article for more information and ways to contact us about it.


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