Siri Payments - How It Works


To send a payment or request with Siri, you can follow the steps below:

1. Open Siri by holding the home button, or saying “Hey Siri” if it’s enabled.

2. Ask Siri to send the payment or request using the following format: “Pay/Request [name of friend] [amount] dollars for [payment note]” 

      • Ex. Hey Siri, pay Keith 5 dollars for coffee
      • Ex. Hey Siri, Venmo Isabel 30 dollars for dinner
      • Ex. Pay Courtney one dollar for “thank you”

3. Siri will show you an overview of your payment or request and ask if you’d like to send it. If you do, you can say “Yes” and you will see a confirmation. If “No”, Siri will discard the payment or request.

Payments sent using Siri work just like payments in the Venmo app. The funds are made available to the your friend as soon as you confirm the payment and you’ll be able to see the payment in your feed the next time you open the Venmo app.

Please note: Siri cannot be used to pay multiple people at the same time, send payments to usernames, phone numbers, email addresses or complete any other non-payment functions.

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