General Business & Partnership Inquiries


Advertising & marketing 

Venmo is not current engaging in advertising or marketing with outside contractors. If you have a specific partnership idea in mind that you'd like to explore, email

Student organizations & clubs

Venmo is not sponsoring clubs or events at this time. We also do not have a campus rep program at this time. 

If your event is a direct recruiting event (hackathon, career fair, etc.), please contact

If you're interested in working/interning at Venmo, head over to


Venmo is a person-to-person payment service, and does not currently support payments to merchants or businesses in our app. We hope to develop these capabilities in the future. In the meantime, check out PayPal or Braintree.  

Venmo in other apps

Right now, Venmo is working with select merchant partners in a limited release. We do not support purchases made to unauthorized merchants. For more information about accept Venmo as a payment method in your app, please see this article

If you're looking to accept credit card payments or collect funds in your app/website, please visit


Venmo does not yet have international capabilities, but we hope to develop them in the future. Please check back for updates


Our nonprofit account program is currently in private beta, and we are no longer accepting applications from nonprofits to facilitate the collection of donations.

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