Canceling iMessage Payments


A payment sent in iMessage will expire and be automatically cancelled if the recipient doesn’t accept the payment within three days. You can also manually cancel the payment before it is accepted by going to Incomplete in the Venmo app menu. Cancelling the payment will return the funds to your funding source (not stop the original withdrawal from happening). A payment sent in iMessage cannot be canceled once the recipient has accepted it.

If you sent the funds using your Venmo balance, the funds will be returned there the moment the payment is cancelled. If you used a bank account to fund the payment, please note that it will take 3 to 5 business days for the funds to be returned. If the payment was funded by a credit or debit card, the payment will be returned to that card. It may take up to thirty (30) days for the returned payment to be applied by your card issuer. You can contact them directly for specific timeframes.

There are a few ways to cancel a payment that you sent in iMessage:

  • Go to Incomplete in the Venmo app menu and you should have the option to cancel any pending payments there
  • If you are on iOS 10 or a desktop, you can open the iMessage payment bubble in the conversation and tap Incomplete Payments (this will take you to the Venmo app to cancel the payment)
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